Consulting Services

ardentCause is a leader in identifying high level outcomes and defining associative indicators, formulas and metrics to demonstrate collective impact. We use our sophisticated analysis and visual knowledge system, CauseEffectz™ to give you anytime access to wide swaths of data from agencies across the community, or for the handful of programs you are funding in your newest grant cycle.

We also have extensive experience in general data management solutions for nonprofits, building custom cloud-based client, activity and asset management systems in a snap (DataSnapz™) – quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Our services include:

  • Definition of Outcomes, Indicators and Metrics
  • Integration of your data sources, definition of reports, graphics and more for easy access and USE of complex data
  • Custom Database Solutions
  • Data Mining, Data Analysis
  • Management and Board Reports
  • Program and Project Management

The Process