Get rid of your spreadsheets!

datasnapzDataSnapzTM is a lightweight, easy-to-use client activity and asset  management platform for nonprofits.

This online system is used to quickly create custom data systems for small to medium-sized nonprofits to enter and track data and produce reports.

Prompt Deployment, low cost

  • Customized to cover all your data needs
  • No need to buy servers or software
  • Includes all ongoing data management, security, privacy, backups and more
  • Complete integration to CauseEffectz for data analytics and dashboards

Existing Customer Solutions

LiteracyPathTM: Adult Literacy Information System
Classroom activities and assessments, student, teacher, tutor, volunteer tracking and reporting
MatrixPathTM: Outcomes Assessment Matrices
Data entry and tracking for client Self-Sufficiency or Quality of Life matrix assessments of all type
Asset management for agencies and collaborations
Shared asset management, viewing, messaging across multiple agencies
Varied Customized Client and Activity Management Systems